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The client experience is an
essential part of our business.
Other than providing quality
service, we build trust with
clients through transparency and
honesty by telling them up front
about what to expect.

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Harding Mitchell, is not just
one of the leading solicitors firms
in London. We are chosen
by international clients on a
daily basis.


Major cases

We represented Bryan court v National
Westminster Bank Plc

Our civil litigation team put forward formidable legal arguments. At the end of the trial, the High Court held that, as a matter of construction, a bank was in breach of contract in refusing to advance the balance of a loan after it had allowed an initial drawdown.

+4,752 claimants

4,752 claimants from the Ivory Coast

Agouman v Leigh Day

in this case, we represented 4,752 claimants from the Ivory Coast in their claim for professional negligence against the defendant Leigh Day.

Our legal team led by Mr. Kalilou Fadiga and leading Counsel successfully put forward our client’s case. At the end of the trial the High Court ruled that the defendant Leigh Day breached a contract and its duty of care by failing to protect a multi-million-pound fund for which they held for the benefit of the claimants. The defendant was ordered to pay damages and costs to our clients


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Our expertise enables us to offer support and guidance to our clients in many areas of their private and business life. Known for achieving excellent results for our clients.

We have a diverse range of experience that allows us to offer our clients the best possible services. As one London most law firms, we pride ourselves on achieving excellent results for you!

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