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Harding Mitchell Solicitors offers extremely reliable, efficient, and affordable services for court cases from the best civil litigation solicitors in London. Our specialist team of litigation solicitors is dedicated to helping you obtain the best results from the court proceedings by the provision of quality case preparation and litigation representation.
Harding Mitchell Solicitors is a reputable law firm in London known for its outstanding. Our Business litigation solicitors in London are known for their exceptional expertise and reliability in Business litigation matters. 

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We serve clients from all communities, ethnicities and nationalities, without any bias hence we have become the first choice for Civil litigation.
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Civil Litigation is basically the process of resolving a dispute through the court. There are times when mere mediation and/or arbitration cannot resolve a dispute or the situation may be such that it can only be settled through court proceedings. In such a scenario, Business Litigation or court proceedings are the only possible way of resolving the dispute. Civil litigation is a diverse and wide-scale field; however, what you need to remember is that it is a process of resolving personal or commercial disputes as well as any claims made against an individual, organization, local body, or government institution. Civil litigation is sometimes the best way to find a solution to a dispute if you want to get a proper remedy.
There are various situations in which a court case might be the best option to come out of a dispute. For example, if your human rights have been violated by an individual, employer, company, or public body, you have been misguided by some professional, you entered into a legally binding contract with someone who has refused to abide by the terms of the agreement, or you are at the receiving end of an unlawful, malicious attack on your reputation. All of these are situations where legal proceedings can lead to better judgment and workable solutions.
If you are facing such a situation in which you need to defend your stance then contact our expert civil litigation solicitors in London to take legal action against the offender or violator.
If you are involved in a dispute with an individual or an organization and need to take legal action against the opposite party, it is extremely important to have the support of an experienced team of Civil Litigation Solicitors. If the team is not experienced then you can expect failure at all levels as well as high costs. That is because an inexperienced team will not be able to guide you fully about the case and also will not be able to represent you ideally in court. The job of experienced civil litigation lawyers is to help their clients resolve the dispute in a manner where the best possible and client-favoring results are obtained.
An inexperienced team cannot offer practically sound and professionally viable advice at all as they themselves would not have adequate knowledge about the legal issues involved. It takes years of practice to become well-versed with the civil procedure rules and with every new case, we learn a great deal about the procedures and tactics on turning the case in our client’s favor. Our clients have also identified that the support of an experienced team of civil litigation solicitors in London makes a lot of difference in acquiring positive and quick resolution to disputes.
Private funding
Our experience and expertise in civil litigation means we can offer you affordable rates and an agreed fee where possible for each stage of your case.
Conditional Fees
– No Win No Fee:
In certain cases, we may be able to deal with your civil litigation matter on a no-win no fee basis or no-win no fee basis. This means that you only pay us if we win your case for you.

Funding through an Insurance Policy:
Some insurance policies provide for legal expenses cover which may be able to pay for your case.
Our Civil litigation department has successfully represented clients in some very high profile cases in recent years including the following:
Agouman v Leigh Day (a firm) [2016] EWHC 1324 (QB) (16 June 2016).
In this case, we represented 4,752 claimants from the Ivory Coast in their claim for professional negligence against the defendant Leigh Day.
Our legal team led by Mr. Kalilou Fadiga and leading Counsel successfully put forward our client’s case. At the end of the trial the High Court ruled that the defendant Leigh Day breached a contract and its duty of care by failing to protect a multi-million-pound fund for which they held for the benefit of the claimants. The defendant was ordered to pay damages and costs to our clients
Bryan Court Ltd & Anor v National Westminster Bank Plc [2012] EWHC 2035 (QB) (20 July 2012)
In this case, we represented Bryan Court Ltd against National Westminster Bank. Our civil litigation team put forward formidable legal arguments. At the end of the trial, the High Court held that, as a matter of construction, a bank was in breach of contract in refusing to advance the balance of a loan after it had allowed an initial drawdown.