Public Law

We have a wealth of experience in cases ranging from making written representations to organisations, representation at tribunals or other hearings, and subsequent challenges to public body decisions in the High Court through to the Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights.

Public Law Solicitors

We are one of the leading Public Law solicitors in London for holding police authorities to account. Our litigation Public Law team has considerable experience in bringing actions against the police, including unreasonable force, unlawful arrest, and unlawful detention. We can ensure that your rights are protected and pursued and where appropriate, damages are recovered from the police.


Legal Practices area

False imprisonment

If you have been detained unlawfully, we can
make a claim on your behalf against the police


Entering or putting property on land that
belongs to someone else

Misfeasance in public office

Form of misconduct when a public official, public servant or public body knowingly and willingly acts to cause loss or harm to a third party.

Unlawful searches

Search and seizure by a law enforcement
officer without a search warrant

Malicious prosecution

Police have pursued a Prosecution without a
reasonable cause

Assault and battery

Physical attack and threatening behaviour

Conspiracy to injure

Conspiracy to injure requires a claimant to
satisfy a series of elements

Racism and general abuse of power.

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Our team has a proven track record of success and has recovered substantial amounts of money in successful claims. Whether you are contemplating or defending a judicial review challenge, appearing before a public inquiry, major inquest or select committee, or concerned about protecting personal information, we understand that you have wider interests at stake, be they organisational, financial, commercial, reputational or business and human rights.






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As one of the only dedicated public law teams in the country, we rapidly get to the heart of the issue, providing realistic legal advice so that you can confidently navigate the bigger picture, as well as the litigation or inquiry at hand for false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, trespass, assault and battery, misfeasance in public office, conspiracy to injure, unlawful searches, racism and general abuse of power.

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