Strict liability

The law isn’t concerned with the intention or mental state of the person committing the action or selling the product. All that matters is that the action occurred and the plaintiff was injured. The fact that the event happened means someone can be held liable.

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Strict liability law

What is strict liability?

Strict liability means that someone is at fault even if they don’t intend to cause harm. This concept in personal injury lawsuits makes someone liable for a victim’s damages even if they didn’t do anything wrong. The legal theory of strict liability law allows a victim to collect damages without having to show that the other side acted negligently or intentionally to cause harm.

Strict liability is just like it sounds — strict.

The strict liability definition is that the jury doesn’t take into account whether the defendant could have or should have done anything differently to avoid the accident. They don’t think about whether the defendant caused the accident on purpose. When a personal injury case falls under strict liability, the only things that matter are that the victim got hurt because of something the defendant did.

What Can You Recover in a Strict Liability Case?

Personal injury damages are often called “compensatory damages” since they are intended to compensate the injured plaintiff for what was lost due to the accident or injury. Attorneys help to make their client’s “whole” again, in cases where a defendant is found strictly liable. If you’re hurt in a case that falls under strict liability rules, you can collect for a wide variety of damages.

Current & future medical expenses
Lost wages
Property damage and repair costs
Pain and suffering
Emotional distress
Loss of enjoyment
Loss of consortium (relationship with their spouse)
Also, punitive damages are often an option in defective product cases.

The exact damages available in your case depend on your losses and the complete circumstances of the case. Consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to make sure you’re claiming the right damages for your particular case.


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