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Your divorce solicitors in London will guide you towards the best outcome for you and your family. We aim to keep you out of court by trying to use the various dispute resolution options such as mediation, collaborative law, solicitor-led negotiation or arbitration. By resolving your divorce without the need for court proceedings, we can keep delay to a minimum and reduce your exposure to costs.

Divorce experts

We do everything we can to help you to avoid any conflicts in the first place. Our team of specialist lawyers includes qualified mediators, collaborative practitioners and arbitrators, helping you sidestep the stress of a court case wherever possible.

What to expect from our divorce solicitors

Divorce (also known as dissolution of marriage) is the optional process of terminating a marriage or marital union. Marriage dissolution terminates the bonds of matrimony between a married couple under the rule of UK law.

The breakdown of any relationship can be difficult. You need pragmatic, expert advice. Our experienced divorce solicitors can give you the guidance you need if you choose to end your marriage or civil partnership.

Whether a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership occurs, our solicitors will work with you to understand your situation and the best way forward. We encourage clients to maintain a constructive dialogue, especially when children are involved. We will pursue to resolve even complex cases that can be extremely sensitive. If your case does require a court-based settlement, our experienced team of lawyers will support and make any necessary preparations.  

Jurisdiction for divorce or dissolution

If either of you is not a resident in England and Wales, you might need to seek advice regarding the divorce or dissolution proceedings elsewhere. It depends on your personal circumstances that we would gladly discuss with you and find the best outcome that assesses your situation. 


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Our team of experts in Family Law provides professional advice and conducts cases with an outstanding level of efficiency.
We pride ourselves on our high level of client care and communication. We keep you updated on every stage of your case and are always available to answer any questions. We also ensure that you are informed in detail in relation to your matter and any costs involved with your case. 


We ensure you have a solution with the right
experience and approach.


Your solicitor will develop an understanding of your
needs and the approach you want to take.


We will provide a detailed cost estimate before you
agree to proceed with your case.


We will identify the best way to achieve your goals
that are realistic and attainable.


We deliver on our promises and celebrate our
successes, we are friendly and caring.

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