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If you are planning to move in with your partner, but do not currently have plans to get married, we can help you put a Cohabitation Agreement in place that makes it clear what each of your financial responsibilities are.

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Under UK law, cohabiting couples do not have the same legal rights as married couples or those in a civil partnership. A cohabitation agreement can grant cohabiting couples legal protection, allowing them to legally define and protect their share of the property should they decide to end the relationship.

Cohabitation agreement law

What is a cohabitation agreement?

A cohabitation agreement is an agreement between partners who live together and want to ensure clarity both during the course of the relationship and in the event that it should break down in regards to their rights in relation to property and children.

Set out financial arrangements between you and your partner when you live together using this cohabitation agreement (also known as a ‘no-nup’). This simple living together agreement protects your assets acquired before living together. It also specifies how living expenses will be distributed and how assets and debt acquired during cohabitation will be shared. Create this formal agreement so that in the event you do cease living together, it is clear who owns what.

What can a cohabitation agreement cover?

  • How each of you contributes to rent, mortgage or household bills
  • How each of you will deal with any debts
  • The fact that if you own a property each of you may have contributed differently to the deposit
  • How you deal with any joint bank accounts
  • Taking out life insurance on each other
  • Nominating the other as a beneficiary under a pension
  • What would happen to items you’ve bought together like cars and furniture
  • What would happen to your pets
  • How you will support any children you may have.


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