Commercial lawyers

Harding Mitchell provides quality legal advice and guidance in all matters relating to business law. We provide up-to-date information in all aspects of business law.

Commercial law solicitors

Commercial law solicitors

It is true that business is all about taking risks, which is why we ultimately manage to reap rewards. Harding Mitchell’s commercial law solicitors help businesses avoid preventable legal risks.

We take pride in the fact that our team is the most dependable, treatable, and responsive all across London. Harding Mitchell’s commercial law team consists of experienced and qualified commercial law solicitors in London who put the interests of our clients first. We aim to offer reliable commercial law advice to businesses and individuals that are grounded and creative so that all of your commercial needs are fulfilled.

Our lawyers are fully capable of taking on all kinds of commercial law cases and will definitely come up with the best solution after thoroughly analysing your situation. With our commitment to quality, we stand out among all others. You can expect excellent customer service and well-thought strategies to resolve the issue at hand.


Legal Practices area

Commercial Litigation

Heavyweight litigation solicitors to defend
their commercial priorities with drive and

Partnership agreements

If you are carrying on a business with
another person or some other people with
a view to profit then you are in partnership.

Mergers and acquisitions

Legal advice on all aspects of M&A transactions
for public and private corporate clients,
institutional investors and private individuals.

Share sales

Advise you on the contract for the sale of
business assets and company share sales.

Sales of commercial property

Selling your commercial property without any worries

International trade

Appropriate rules and customs for handling
trade between countries

Business start-ups

Start your journey with the right foot

Resolution of Disputes

Efficent resolution of your problems


Deliver robust contracts that manage risk and
allow your organization to operate effectively

Company formation

Start your company in the right way


Dispose of business or commercial waste

Business property related disputes

We aim to resolve these disputes as quickly
as possible, so you get back to business

Development and management of lease agreement

Speak to our specialist in lease and property law

Corporate Immigration

We understand that businesses operate in an
international marketplace

Corporate employment

Covering every aspects on employment

Business property related disputes

We make sure all your property related
disputes get resolved

Representing of insurers, businesses and public institutions on a variety of matters such as:

Breach of Contracts

Looking after your contracts

Fiduciary duty breach

When a principal fails to act responsibly in
the best interests of a client.

Recovering of Debt

Recovering debts, registering for bankruptcy,
creditor and much more

Disputes related to shareholder and

Legal advice in all aspects involving
shareholders and partnerships

Statutory demands

Written warning from a creditor


Our dedicated and professionally trained commercial law team in London employ a practical approach to sort out business-related issues.

We always provide clients with up-to-date information and reliable guidance on even the most complex business matters.

Our lawyers don’t merely ‘sit on the fence’ when it comes to solving complex legal issues but provide detailed advice to the client so that every associated aspect is comprehensively covered without ambiguity






With a team of intelligent and creative lawyers, we guarantee workable legal advice to local and international businesses.
Our commercial law solicitors in London have an understanding of a broad range of commercial issues and we immediately provide a solution that is most effective.
Harding Mitchell’s lawyers are from diverse backgrounds and are thus, capable of speaking a wide range of languages which is a deliberate strategy so that clients feel comfortable while discussing their issues with us

Expect full support from Harding Mitchell commercial law solicitors

We offer affordable legal solutions to customers from all walks of life. Supporting entrepreneurs at every stage of their business with expert legal guidance and advice. We constantly help our clients regarding regulatory matters so that they are able to make informed decisions and ensure the growth and expansion of their business. We help all types of businesses; whether you are setting up your business or trying to restructure, you can expect full support from our experts. Our process involves gaining a full understanding of your business first and then provision of most suitable advice. With constant efforts, we have managed to build a profound network of trusted contacts not only across London but throughout the UK. Our network comprises notaries, barristers, accountants, and other professionals who would assist you in running day-to-day business matters. Our fee structure is highly competitive and our practice encompasses every aspect of commercial law. Company law, commercial, employee issues, and dispute resolution are some of our main fields of expertise.


Our dedicated and professionally trained commercial law solicitors in London employ a practical approach to sort out business related issues.

We always provide clients with up-to-date information and reliable guidance on even the most complex business matters.

Africa is the future and offers immense natural resources and business opportunities for foreign direct investment, which are essential to the world economy. Concurrently, “financial backers often complain about legal and judicial uncertainties in Africa.”

Foreign investors are traditionally suspicious about African national judicial systems, which have been plagued by corruption, long and costly procedures, and lack of efficient enforcement of the law.

Africa was facing a reduction in investment. West and Central African countries decided to combine their efforts to solve the reluctance of investors to come to Africa because of the disparity of and lack of cohesive business laws across borders. These countries established a business law harmonization zone known as POHADA.

OHADA is a system of business laws and institutions adopted by sixteen West and Central African nations to establish a uniform legal framework governing commerce and investment in the region.

OHADA is the French acronym for “Organization pour l’Harmonisation en Afrique du Droit des Affaires”, which translates into English as “Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa”.

The Common Court of Justice and Arbitration (CCJA)Headquartered in Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), the Common Court of Justice and Arbitration (CCJA) is both a judicial court and an arbitration institution responsible for supervising the administration of arbitration proceedings in OHADA member states. In cases concerning OHADA law, the CCJA takes precedence over member states’ courts.

Areas Governed By OHADA LawsUnder OHADA, the following Uniform Acts have been adopted, superseding any existing laws of the member states governing the same areas:
— General commercial law
— Company law
— Secured transactions
— Debt recovery and enforcement law
— Bankruptcy law
— Arbitration law
— Accounting law
— Law relating to the transportation of goods by road

Harding Mitchell has a strong Africa connection and can help your business or organization at every level.

Situations in which you MUST seek legal advice:
Prior to contacting commercial law solicitors in London, you need to make sure that the situation at hand requires legal guidance. It is highly imperative to decide clearly about the reasons for which you need to hire a commercial law solicitor. You MUST consider contacting us if you are:

  • Entering into a commercial agreement
  • Entering into a partnership agreement
  • Entering into a leasing agreement
  • Purchasing a commercial property through a commercial bridging loan
  • Trying to resolve a dispute involving commercial property
  • Any intellectual property dispute
  • Require guidance with Management Buyouts or Company Establishment
  • Require advice about
  • Employment Tribunals or Employment Protection Insurance
    Remember that effective business advice can do wonders for your business. So never rely upon unprofessional or novice firms. Only trust the best in the field. You can fully count upon Harding Mitchell.

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