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A partner includes a spouse, civil partner, unmarried partner and same-sex partner. If you wish your partner or spouse to join you in the UK, you would need to sponsor them. If they are already in the UK, then they may wish to switch to being a partner or spouse of a British or a settled person.

Spouse visa applications law

UK Spouse Visa—Here is What you Need to Know:

Out-country applications also known as Entry Clearance are lodged online and the documents are submitted at a local embassy or visa processing centre. There are a wide range of requirements and your application can fail if any of the requirements are not met.

There is a minimum income threshold of £18,600 for sponsoring the settlement in the UK of a spouse or partner, or fiancé(e) or partners of non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationality, with a higher threshold for any non-British children also sponsored; £22,400 for one child and an additional £2,400 for each additional child.

What you Need to obtain Marriage/Spouse Visa:

There are certain points that you must understand prior to making an application for a Marriage/Spouse Visa to the UK. Some of the main points are mentioned below.

  • The applicant need to submit an entry clearance application to the nearest British High Commission or Embassy
  • Both partners need to prove that they are in a genuine and subsisting relationship, have been legally married to each other; and they plan to live together after the spouse’s arrival in the UK
  • The Sponsor must meet the minimum income requirement. He must be earning a minimum £18,600 per annum
  • The minimum income increases to £22,400 per annum with one child and for every other child, there will be an addition of £2,400 per annum.
  • In addition to the above, applicants from certain countries must pass the English language test 


The cost:

  • Costs – The application fee for the Home Office / Embassy is £1,195 for an out-country application and £1050 for in-country application. There if also a £1560 Immigration Health Surcharge. The fees, forms and requirements do change from time to time and so this should be checked at the point of lodging your application. Our office fee will depend on the complexity of your case and other issues such as the number of applicants. Please call 0203 191 8080 now to discuss your case and a fee quote.


    The Home Office has set very stringent rules for spouse visa applicants and the requirements must be met in order to get the visa. Usually, detailed and extensive amount of documentary evidence is required from couple in support of the application. The purpose of asking for documentary evidence is to verify that the claims made in the application are true and the couple is in fact involved in a genuine relationship.

    Moreover, it is important for the department to assess whether the partner(s) meet the financial requirements set the Home Office in order to maintain and accommodate themselves and any dependants without recourse to public funds.

How can Harding Mitchell help you with your spouse visa?

Couples looking to apply for spouse visa need to be very careful with the documentary evidence. A slight mistake would mean that all the hard work that you did for the application will be in vain. Hence you need assistance from our team of Spouse Visa Solicitors in London.

Harding Mitchell is a leading name in immigration law. Our qualified and experienced spouse visa specialist solicitors in London are believed to be the best in the field. Our success rate record and good reputation across the country is a proof of our reliability the field of immigration law.

Therefore, if you want to apply for Spouse/Marriage visa, you must seek help from our Spouse Visa Solicitors in London. Our immigration team we can help you prepare your application to the Home Office and advise you about the latest changes in the assessment criteria, the salient requirements of the immigration rules in terms of documentary evidence. Please note that the more convincing your application is, the better your chances of successfully obtaining your spouse visa.

Why are our Spouse Visa Solicitors in London the best?

We are proud to have some of the best Spouse Visa Solicitors in London . Our lawyers are not only very well-informed about the relevant Immigration Rules and the visa requirements but they are also well trained on how to understand your circumstances and to provide the most suitable solution.

Our Spouse Visa Solicitors in London will ensure that all the vital points are addressed in the application, which are important for it to be credible enough and to plead your case aptly.

We will peruse the documentary evidence ourselves and notify you if we find any ambiguity or feel that the evidence is not sufficient. In such a case where we feel that the evidence is insufficient, we will inform you about secondary documents that you need to provide to make your application successful.


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