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When making an application under the human rights act of 1988, the rights of qualifying citizens (as defined under the ECHR) must be fully observed and adhered to by all types of public bodies and organizations. For accuracy and full understanding of the application it is advisable to seek the assistance of one of our specialist lawyer.

Human rights law

Human rights guidelines

  • Article 8 is likely to be one of the primary articles in virtually any case that involves the matter of immigration into the United Kingdom
  • A person’s family and private rights may fall under the scope of the aforementioned article which was originally set in place for such purpose
  • Article 8, however, should not be taken as an absolute right in all and every circumstance under immigration law
  • Un-proportionate interference with article 8 does however come under the scope of the relevant UK authorities
  • The prevention and prohibition of degrading and/or inhuman treatments including torture are encompassed under the scope of article 3 while the “right to life” is covered under article 2

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  • Our team of immigration solicitors in London will never offer unrealistic outcomes or guarantee results that are unattainable
  • We aim to provide our clients with the specific information that they need in matters related to human rights law within the UK
  • Our immigration law experts treat every case on an individual basis taking into account the unique circumstances of each individual
  • We fully appreciate that applicants and those seeking advice will already be suffering a great deal of emotional and financial stress and we will seek to minimize such issues throughout the process
  • As professional, human rights solicitors in London our aims include ensuring that all of our services to our clients a provide “added value’ in the most cost-effective ways possible
  • The highly effective and practical services and advice that we provide are delivered in a clear concise manner, irrespective of race, gender, or social status
  • In all matters appertaining to the delivery our services we endeavor to provide “jargon-free” advice in plain understandable language
  • Our range of services are tailored to the needs of each individual and come with no hidden costs at some of the most competitive rates of any human rights solicitor in our profession

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  • From setting procedures in motion to applications for remaining in the UK based on family life to discretionary leave that falls outside of the current immigration rules, our team can provide a wide range of advice.
  • We will also ensure that each and every client is updated in a timely manner concerning the progress of any applications they have submitted.
  • Acting on your detailed instructions, our human rights solicitor and legal team are able to provide advice concerning all aspects of the current UK immigration rulings and policies and procedures appertaining to the Home Office
  • Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience in the highly specialized area of immigration law, we can give you accurate advice concerning appropriate documentation that is relevant to your specific application
  • Furthermore, our solicitors can complete the relevant UK immigration forms on the client’s behalf along with professionally drafted cover letters in relation to the details of their application
  • One of our dedicated immigration and human rights solicitors in London will then establish regular communication with the Home Office with the aim of providing an expedite and satisfactory conclusion of your case

Human rights applications

Private life visa

  • The application as outlined and broadly defined in article 8 concerning rights appertaining to private and family life
  • Such laws are currently observed by persons residing within the borders of the council of European Countries. In these circumstances, article 8 is highly relevant to many of the decisions concerning immigration within the member states. Under article 8, the establishment and maintenance of home and family life is a given right to everyone
  • In the presence of evidence that supports established private and family life in the UK, applicants may seek the leave to remain here regardless of visa qualification under domestic law

    Anyone can apply for the visa provided that:

  • They already have a spouse or close family within the UK
  • They have exceeded the limit of their stay in the UK
  • They are an asylum seeker
  • An asylum claim has been refused them
  • They are a person who has no claim to enter and remain within the United Kingdom under the EEA regulations or UK immigration rules

    The discretionary leave to remain visa

  • A person is able to remain in the UK on the grounds that removing them from the UK would violate their rights under article 8 of the ECHR
  • A visa issued under such circumstances would be approved outside of UK immigration laws by the Secretary of State
  • In deciding and granting such cases on the grounds of human rights, the exceptional and /or compassionate circumstances of the applicant would be considered highly relevant and important
  • There may be cases where the Home Office has refused a claim for asylum on the grounds that they don’t recognize such a person as a refuge and that they further didn’t qualify for humanitarian protection. In such situations, such applicants may still exercise the discretionary leave to remain option
  • While this option is only approved in limited circumstances, it is usually granted for a 3-year initial period. This means that after 3 years, there will be a need to apply for an extension which will then take into account the applicants circumstances at that time
  • Remaining in the UK outside of the rules for an immigration visa
  • In circumstances where an applicant is unable to meet the criteria of any of the above that is covered by the immigration rules of the United Kingdom, the right to apply for leave outside of the immigration rules may be available to them
  • This is granted at the discretion of the SSHD and they will exercise that discretion after considering each applicants personal circumstances to decide whether their human rights have been breached


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