EU Settlement Scheme

The EU Settlement Scheme was introduced after the UK exited the EU. The scheme was launched by the UK government in 2019 to regularise the immigration status of EU citizens living in the UK after the UK departed from the EU.

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The scheme allows EU citizens to continue to have the same rights and entitlements in the UK like the ones they enjoy before Brexit. The scheme formally came to an end in June 2021. After June 2021, EU citizens living in the UK will be required to prove their immigration status.  EU citizens who have not yet applied under the scheme can still apply if they can provide a good explanation for the delay.  The application system is digital-only. If you have not yet made your application, please contact our dedicated team on 02031918080 in order to get assistance.

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How we can help with EU Settlement?

Brexit has changed the way EU and EEA nationals can live and work in the UK. If you’re an EU or EEA national, you’ll need to apply for UK immigration status to stay in the UK after 31 December 2020. Our immigration solicitors deal with all aspects of UK immigration law. We can help you and your family apply for the correct status to enter into or remain in the UK.

If you’re already living in the UK by 31 December 2020 and want to stay indefinitely, you’ll need to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. If you want to come to the UK for a shorter period of time after Brexit, you’ll need a visa that suits your situation.

Our team of highly specialised immigration lawyers can help you with applications to the EU Settlement Scheme. We also advise on visa applications if you plan to come the UK to work, study or start a business after Brexit. Contact our immigration lawyers today on to discuss how we can help you and your family.

Why Getting the Visa is so Difficult?

It is a fact that without professional help from qualified legal advisors such as our immigration Lawyers in London, it is very difficult to get any kind of UK visa and Eu settlement visa is no different. In the UK, the rules and regulations are quite strict when it comes to matters of immigration. Visa applications are scrutinized very sharply and Home Office will not hesitate in refusing your application if there is even a minor error.

Also, the Home Office does not have enough time to understand individual circumstances as they receive thousands of applications on a regular basis. Only immigration solicitors like our solicitors would understand your circumstances and will help in preparing a fool-proof application. Our goal is very clear from day one; we use all our resources and efforts to make your application successful in the very first attempt. Offering bespoke advice and services that are tailored according to individual needs of our clients is our priority.


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