Administrative review

An Administrative Review (AR) is a review or reconsideration of your immigration application following refusal of the same by the Home Office, UKVI.

Administrative review experts

You don’t need to have all your evidence as you will be given time to gather your documents ready for the appeal hearing, which is likely to take place several months later.

Administrative review law

Usual procedure

Administrative Reviews – We send an email with further clarification or point out errors or incorrect conclusions reached by the ECO. You are not allowed to provide further documents. In most cases the original decision is maintained, so it is not always the appropriate step to take.

Costs – there is a £80 fee and the request must be lodged without delay. Strict time limits are applied usually 14 days if the application was made in the UK and 28 days if it was lodged from abroad. Please double check the permitted time to lodge an Administrative Review.

Appeals – You must be given the right to lodge an appeal for you to excurse this right. This could be in-country if you applied from within the UK, or out country appeal if you applied from outside the UK. Sometimes the Home Office will insist that you leave the UK if you want to lodge an appeal.

The Tribunal fee is £140 for an oral hearing and £80 for paper hearing. The tribunal fee does change from time to time and so this should be checked before lodging the appeal.

In an oral hearing you attend the Tribunal and give oral evidence or on paper where you submit the bundles of papers and the matters are decided on paper without your attendance. Please call 0203 191 8080 now to discuss your case and a fee quote from our Administrative Review lawyers in London.

Impact on Brexit

When your application or appeal is refused you may not have the right of a further appeal. In this case you may however have the option to lodge a Judicial Review. If successful the court will ask the Home Office to make a new decision.

Judicial Review is very technical and so our specialist team of Administrative Review lawyers in London would be involved from the outset. The Judicial Review needs to be on a procedural irregularity.

Please do note that you will have limited time to lodge your Judicial Review so it is best to act quickly. You do not need to have all your evidence as you will be given more time to gather your documents ready for the Judicial Review hearing.

Costs – The Tribunal fee is £154. The fee does change from time to time and so this should be checked before lodging the Judicial Review. Please call 0203 191 8080 now to discuss your case and a fee quote with our expert Administrative Review lawyers in London.


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