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Harding Mitchell is one of the country’s fastest growing firms of solicitors in London, servicing both corporate entities and privates individuals. This growth has derived from a simple mission: to provide a reliable, accurate and practicable legal service. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive legal services in a speedy manner.

We are committed to providing comprehensive legal services at affordable prices. We consider ourselves experts in the matters we undertake; we never forget that we are dealing with people, frequently disadvantaged, who may find the law complex and daunting. We undertake to guide you through the law by applying it to resolve the problems that you entrust to us.

Experience has shown that our clients require four things from us: Commitment, Communication, Confidentiality, and Courtesy; Upon these we lay the foundations of our service. Our solicitors in London are skilled in presenting you with the advice and support that you need, whether the advice is to public organizations, business owners, couples, people already convicted of a crime; single parents, immigrants and asylum seekers, or anyone else in need of our assistance. At Harding Mitchell, our solicitors in London are experts in their field. They have committed themselves to gaining the knowledge and prowess to be there for you.

Whatever your background, social standing or monetary income, our solicitors in London will be on hand to give advice, assistance and support throughout the process.

We offer a broad range of services from family law and employment law to personal injury and immigration law. To see the full range of services that our solicitors in London offer, please click here.

Our goal as solicitors in London is to provide dependable, specialist and understandable legal services to whoever is in need of our guidance and expertise. With any law process, it can be stressful and complex. We can take the stress from you and carry it, while making the whole process as trouble-free and simple as possible.

Our expertise in all aspects of law mean that our highly trained and specialized solicitors in London will ensure that they find the optimum outcome for you.

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