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Know the basics

  • British citizens and those who are legally recognized as settled in the UK can apply for their Non-EEA national Fiance to join them in the UK
  • The reason behind applying for Fiance Visa is to help Non-EEA nationals arrive in the UK in order to marry their partners.
  • The success of a Fiance Visa Application depends upon whether or not the applicant and the sponsor meet the Home Office’s stringent criteria.
  • The applicant and sponsor would be required to prove that their relationship is genuine and the primary reason behind entering the UK is to get married.
  • If the couple is above 65 years of age, they will not need to meet English language knowledge requirement

What is Fiance Visa?

As the title suggests, a Fiance visa enables fiances to enter the UK in order to marry their sponsors.

It must be noted that a Fiance Visa is also usually referred to as Prospective Marriage Visa. It is however, different from other subcategories of Immigration Visas. For instance, to apply for a fiance visa, the couple do not need to provide evidence that they have lived together prior to submitting the application. This is a mandatory requirement for couples who are legally married or are in a civil partnership relation and our Fiance Visa Solicitors in London can help.

Initially, the Home Office will grants the applicant 6 month leave to enter, with restrictions on the right to work. The applicant would however, have the restrictions on the right to work lifted after the couple has gotten married or have entered a civil partnership agreement. After getting married, the applicant will have to apply for a Spouse Visa, which if successful will grant him/her the right to work; study or establish a business in the UK.

Who is Eligible for Fiance Visa?

UK Home Office has provided sufficient information about the necessary requirements that applicant and the sponsor need to meet. The eligibility criteria include but are certainly not limited to the following points:

  • Applicant is above 18 years age
  • Applicant/sponsor have met with each other
  • Your sole intention is to enter into a marriage or civil partnership agreement within a judicious timeframe
  • You want to permanently live together after getting married or entering into a civil partnership
  • The applicant will be financially supported by the sponsor
  • The applicant can support him /herself in the UK without seeking employment upon arrival or claiming public funds
  • Accommodation is already available until the couple gets married or enters a civil partnership agreement without claiming public funds
  • Last but not the least, it has to be shown that the applicant has adequate knowledge of written and spoken English language as well as life in the UK

How our Fiance Visa Solicitors in London can Help?

If you want your Fiance visa application to succeed it is important that you submit a carefully prepared and fool-proof application which our Fiance Visa Solicitors in London can assist with. Usually, applicants are not aware of salient, key requirements for obtaining a Fiance visa. Some couples would apply too late, sometimes after their wedding preparations are close to completion and thus risk being rejected for submitting a defective application. Visa processes are unpredictable and even a minor mistake can cause a delay of weeks or even months. This would potentially disrupt the couple’s plan to get married, which obviously would lead to a stressful situation for all those involved.

You can easily avoid all the visa-related complexities and delays if you consult a professional and a reliable team of lawyers. Harding Mitchell’s specialist team of Fiance Visa Solicitors in London can help. are the best choice in this regard. Our lawyers are not only well-versed with all the requirements of visa application but also are capable of providing up-to-date information about any modifications in the rules of Fiance visa. Furthermore, our Fiance Visa Solicitors in London will provide you apt, reliable and most appropriate advice after analyzing your circumstances regarding the chances of visa application success or failure. In a majority of cases, such applications are approved and only those which contain errors or the evidence provided is not sufficient, then the Home Office denies entry to the UK.

Fiance visa is granted for 6 months. During this time, the couple is required to get married or register as civil partners. Once married, the couple will apply for Spouse Visa or Partner Visa.

Fiance Visa vs. Spouse Visa:

Many times, people get confused between Fiance visa and Spouse visa primarily because the rules and requirements for both are quite identical. The main difference between the two visas is that Fiance visa applicant needs to prove that the sole intention of entering the UK is marriage; and that they will get married within 6 months from the date of issuance of Fiance Visa. Conversely, the proof of cohabitation will not be required from Fiance visa applicants while this is necessary for those applying for a Spouse Visa.

What about Dependants?

There is every possibility that the applicant or sponsor has children who are under 18 years of age. It is possible for the applicant to make an application for his/her dependents at the same time. If the applicant is granted leave to enter, the dependents are normally granted leave to enter in line with the applicant.

How to prove English Language Knowledge?

It is a mandatory requirement for those seeking leave to enter the UK as partners, civil partners, spouses and fiances mandatory need to provide evidence that they have sufficient know how of written and spoken English. So applicants of Fiance visa would have to demonstrate their English language skills by passing a test from an accredited test provider.

In this regard our team of Fiance Visa Solicitors in London can assist you. We will inform you about all the relevant tests for almost every country across the globe and even make arrangements for your test. Do contact our UK immigration team of lawyers if you want to know more about Fiance Visa application and your eligibility status.


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